Cow mat accessories

Laying comfort

High yield performance and longevity of cows are related to the comfort of the places where they live. Modern housing conditions and proper feeding ensure the health and productivity of animals. The most suitable equipment for the comfort and efficiency of the cow in the shelter “Prefer KRAIBURG products for hygienic indoor areas suitable for animal comfort that can be used in organic livestock breeding”

Cow laying positions and comfort

As a result of research, 20% of animals lie in their natural environment with their front legs extended. (Pelzer et al., 2007) Flexible rubber brisket board (Brisket board) Allows animals to lie in the correct position and on the ground, while allowing them to extend their front legs comfortably.  GTPI 4016 9997 90 19

Cow laying positions


  • The flexible brisket board made of Rubber pleasantly soft contact area allows natural laying positions with foreleg stretched out allows relaxed changing of lying positions.
  • Research findings: 20 % of the animals stretch out their foreleg in the pasture. (Pelzer et al., 2007)
  • Cows like to lie in this natural position in the cow house, too.
  • The brisket board should make this possible with no hindrances.
  • Brisket boards made of rubber animal-friendly, flexible and robust complement ideally the cubicle‘s control devices
  • Combination with various laying mat systems possible
  • ergoBOARD: easy retrofitting possible easily applicable for every mat thickness very elastic

Available length sizes

 Weight 9,6 kg / m
Length 115cm-120cm
width 9cm
Height 18,5 mm


The stalling with a neck rail at the feeding table offers the animals high freedom of movement during eating. For this feeding place arrangement, a feed guard can additionally be placed along the manger wall. Wood is often used for it, but it wears out very quickly. Another option is to use a brisket board made of rubber as feed guard.

  • Raises the wall of the manger animals feel comfortable
  • Animals stay on the path of further feeding.
  • Less feed loss as cattle eats more.
  • It provides a more comfortable and quieter environment when cows are eating.
  • The transponders on their necks do not hit the wall and do not get stuck, do not break down quickly.
  • Animal friendly, flexible, and soft
  • It is very flexible, can be easily disassembled
  • Feeder barrier GTPI 4016 9997 90 19

Available sizes

 Weight 9,6 kg / m
Length 115cm-120cm
width 9cm
Height 18,5 mm

Mat fixings

Poly-T bar & maxi BOARD

  • A piece of poly bar for fastening rubber mats to concrete floors and endless
  • with a set of stainless steel Washer and screw with plug
  • Easy to put in litter from the head space fits every cubicle width
Available sizes
 weights 9,6 kg / m
Length 180cm
widths 8-13-18 cm
Height 18,5 mm

Fastening set

  • A set of stainless steel Washer and screw with plug
  • For fastening rubber mats to concrete floors
  • A2 stainless steel, also called standard stainless steel, is typically composed of 8 to 13% nickel and 17 to 20% chromium.
  • A2 bolts come in different metric classes. Bolt type and metric class are usually marked on the top of the bolt head, for example “A2-70”. This class divides the tensile strength of the bolt by 10. For example, a bolt marked “A2-70” is a 304 stainless steel bolt with a tensile strength of 700 N/mm2. The most used metric class for A2 is A2-70.

Fixing element Rubber

  • Patented only fixing element for slated floors.
  • The flexible rubber soft contact area allows natural soft floor.
  • As a rubber fastener used on all slatted floors  KURA SE – LOSPA- KURA SB

Bondeks iç sünger

Sünger esneme oranı46%

Bondex, latex and sponge layer use as inner material of cow mattresses. Soft cow mat material in thicknesses from 10 mm to 70 mm. lay and use

  • As a spare compressed sponge for cow mattresses,
  • middle layer for cow mattresses 11 -20-30-40-50-60 mm
  • 240-280-300-340 kg/m3 density (density)
  • Its service life is 2-5 years in proportion to the ambient humidity.

Kraiburg cow mats comfort zone

İneğin barınaktaki konforu ve verimliliği için en uygun çevre şartları şu şekilde sıralanır; Doğru Yem, Taze ve Temiz Su, Yumuşak Yataklar, Kuru ve Temiz Gezinti Alanları ile İyi Yönetimdir.

Organik hayvancılıkta kullanılabilen hayvan konforuna uygun ve hijyenik kapalı alanlar için KRAIBURG ürünlerini tercih ediniz”