Dairy Ventilation systems

While deciding on Mechanical ventilation systems and Fans in order to meet the ventilation and cooling needs in (animal) dairy and cattle farm buildings; Other factors such as (THI) Thermal Humidity Index,  Farm System, Barn management, Footprint per stall , Animal traffic and flow , Manure management and usage , Fan maintenance, number of fans should be considered for ventilation.

Fans for Cattle and Dairy farm Ventilation

Fans have the highest effect on operating costs which are part of the mechanical ventilation. Therefore the selection of the fan types and models are important among all ventilation systems. Dairy Ventilation systems for dairy and cattle housing is vital to fight heat stress and air quality for high yield animals

Fan havalandırma fanı

Fan types and applications

  • Air flow direction: Vertical, ceiling, versatile.
  • Purposes: Suction, Discharge, Exhaust Destratifiers.
  • Speed controls: Gear box, inverter
  • Motor types: Brushless, permanent magnet synchronous, Asynchronous
Ahır tavan fanı
Ahır tavan fanı VSL

Axial Fans

There are square and ringed models:  It is preferred to be used as an open tunnel in barns with grilled floors, in dry climate regions, in high-walled barns with low natural ventilation, in barns with tunnel type ventilation, material bedding (stalk-sand), in buildings with dry climate and low humidity . It maintains the air quality at an acceptable level in the area where the animals are located.

Fan Kullanım alanı ve hızı

Square and Round fans

It provides sufficient air circulation inside the building while evacuating by pushing the rising hot air forward. Horizontal air blowers serve as suction and exhaust; It blows the rising hot air that it sucks from the back towards the front, allowing the hot air to escape.

square and round fans
  • Engine positioned in the airflow for maximum impact.
  • Static and dynamically balanced propeller.
  • Cast aluminum impeller hub for optimum bearing protection.
  • Belt driven propeller providing low noise levels.
  • Exhaust and wide blowing possibility and area.
  • Open Tunnel can be used for air pushing
  • Mounting kits for ease of assembly.
    • Horizontal support bar to reduce the pressure in the fan guard in ceiling.
      • Tilting bracket for accurate and easy hanging angle adjustment
    • .
Fan ölçüleri
 Ebat 1,08x 1,85 x 180 mm
1,425 x 1,425 x220 mm


Ceiling fans Vertical

In addition to being quieter and more economical than horizontal fans, it meets high efficiency expectations with efficiency, low power consumption and low maintenance costs. Due to the advantages it provides, its use has been more effective, beneficial and economical. It offers ideal solutions as a ventilation fan for industrial areas, warehouses and industrial facilities as well as for dairy and fattening barn.

In climates with high humidity and humidity, in barns where floor and air drying is important (soil / compost floors), for curtained or open-sided or semi-open barns with natural ventilation facilities By creating a high enough air velocity; It dries the ground and creates a cold wind effect on animals.


MISTRAL Blows air high m3 volume air directly to the floor that increases the amount of air as unit. That collects the moisture in the environment which effects cool feeling

Exceptionally functional and economical Asynchronous gearmotor fan VS. As barn ventilation fan with axial reducer, gear motor, cost-effective, highly functional and ideal for heavy duty works

MISTRAL 4m 5m 6m
RPM 98 86 73
Blade 6 6 6
Weight 61 Kg 85 Kg 90 Kg
Electric 380V 3ph 380V 3ph 380V 3ph
KW 0,75 1,1 1,1
Area Ø 12m 14m 18m


Geared fans VS / VSL

VS fans are preferred for use with animal cooling system THI. In addition to high m3 volume air Blows directly to the floor that increases the amount of air as unit. That collects the moisture in the environment which effects cool feeling.

Vertical fans (Helicopter) blow air directly over the animals and the ground, increasing the amount of air per m3 per unit area. In this way, while giving a feeling of coolness, it provides the collection of moisture in the environment.

  • Exceptionally functional and economical Asynchronous gearmotor fan VS. As barn ventilation fan with axial reducer, gear motor, cost-effective, highly functional and ideal for heavy duty works.
  • The feature of this product series is axial destratifier with gear motor , this part added to the mechanical part eliminates the friction caused by the fan weight.
  • Provides special built-in CLUTCH ventilation and cooling that extends engine and gear life.
  • No more accidents and injuries with the fan safety lock and parachute system.
VS fan data
VS 4m 5m 6m
RPM 110 98 86
Blade 5 5 5
Weight 81 Kg 91 Kg 109 Kg
Electric 400V 3ph 400V 3ph 400V 3ph
KW 0,6 0,95 1,5
Area Ø 12m 16m 20m


Flexible fans

Special flexible structure allows it to operate horizontally, or to be tilted between 0 ° and 90 ° when necessary: ​​The aim is to maximize the air flow even in the most complex situations. As a hybrid of horizontal and vertical fans for low buildings where other fans cannot be installed and in milking parlors, waiting areas where animals are concentrated in a limited area and heat stress reaches high levels.


VERSATILE FANS can be positioned according to need by working both horizontally and vertically. VERTIGO shows its highest potential in milking and waiting areas.

The frame with position locking mechanism optimizes the desired air flow by rotating it horizontally or at required angles from 0 ° to 90 ° for barn ventilation fan. Safety net can be installed

FLEXIBLE FANS (moving) work both horizontally and vertically and are positioned according to need. It is generally suitable for milking areas, waiting areas and barns and shelters that need flexible use.

Vertigo 0,8m 1,0m 1,3m
RPM 900 700 700
Blade 7 5 4
W kg 30 Kg 33 Kg 38 Kg
Electric 400V 3ph 400V 3ph 400V 3ph
KW 0,72 0,65 0,65
Net 360° 360° 360°


High efficient fans

Compared to existing Dairy Ventilation systems, it is much more economical than other fans in terms of cost, application and maintenance. Provides a homogeneous climate in the barn, increases the productivity and comfort of animals. Energy consumption for ventilation is reduced. It offers environmentally friendly, economical solutions

It is powered by  Brushless Synchronous motors with Permanent Magnet  , which are the most demanding on the market in terms of technology . Provides very high energy efficiency and Low energy consumption.

ZEFIRO Magnetic fans

Maximum performance and energy efficiency with BRUSHLESS SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR with PERMANENT MAGNET  means; No Gear and No maintenance!

Fırçasız daimi mıknatıslı fan motoru

On-board drive for automatic and independent speed control INVERTER motor control unit built in FAN BODY is more compact and lighter

Photometric tests on the proved engine produces less than 35dB of noise and only 64dB when equipped with blades.

  • peed ​​and security with plug and play solutions during installation, convenient and easy for quick connections
  • Wide impact wings (propellers) with 3-4-5-6-7-8-meter diameter.
  • 5 blades Sturdy durable aluminum propeller blades.
  • Adjustable variable rotation speed. With VFD and EC
  • Permanent, Permanent Magnet system.
  • Quiet operation 48-55 dBm (at 3 meters)
  • High energy efficiency Most economical energy consumption (energy expended per m3 air)
  • High air transport volume m3 / h / W (high cfm per watt)
  • It increases the productivity and comfort of animals.
  • Permanent Magnet Brushless Synchronous motor.
  • Variable speed control with inverter.
  • Reverse heating with reverse air flow (for calf barns)
  • No gear reducer, no maintenance needed
  • It offers a quiet operation.
  • Its main advantages are reduced maintenance costs, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption
ZEFIRO Light Fan Data
ZEFIRO L 4m 5m 6m
RPM 110 85 60
Blade 5 5 5
Weight 65 Kg 79 Kg 97 Kg
Electric 400V 3ph 400V 3ph 400V 3ph
KW 0,5 0,6 0,7
Area Ø 12m 14m 19m


Ventilation Efficiency AMCA

When choosing barn fans for ventilation systems, it is important to check the ventilation efficiency rating (VER) of  the fan listed as  CFM * per watt (cubic feet per minute )

Humidity is important, not temperature!

Nearly all over the world, “Temperature-Humidity Index Program (SINEP)” has been prepared in order to predict the time periods in which temperature-humidity stress may occur, which causes significant yield losses in our country’s cattle breeding, thus ensuring that our farmers take the necessary precautions and minimize their losses.