A significant number of all traffic accidents involving freight transport is caused by insufficiently secured loads. According to Section 22 of the German Highway Code, every load must be secured so that it remains securely fastened on the vehicle also in extreme situations, such as full braking, evasive manoeuvres, accidents or poor road surfaces.
Means for securing loads must therefore provide the necessary holding power to keep the load in place in such situations.

According to the applicable regulations for motor vehicle traffic, every load must be secured with 80 % of its weight toward  the front and 50 % toward the sides and back. Sufficient load  securing means need to prevent the load from moving due  to centrifugal and mass forces, which can occur especially during braking or in curves.  An important factor in securing loads is friction force, which  holds the load on the loading surface to a certain extent to counter the shifting of the load. Increasing the friction force is the most effective means of securing loads.

Anti slip mats

This is where anti-slip mats from  come into use:  With their high kinetic friction coefficient, the anti-slip mats KRAITEC ® special, protect and secure reduce the sliding properties on smooth loading surfaces. The danger of freight slipping is decreased and the required tensioning force for lashing is significantly reduced, which also reduces the number of lashing straps needed. This saves both time and costs. Therefore, the anti-slip mats KRAITEC ® special, protect and secure are an ideal supplement to lashing straps for securing loads and can be used under any type of load.

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