Calf hutch for Outdoor

Calf hutches for Outdoor

Calf hutch provides the most suitable environment for animals to stay separate to prevent infection. Calf yards, houses floors should be kept Dry, Clean and Soft. Hutches proven solution to keep young calves safe and healthy which is also economical for farmers. This “special-climate” environment allows calves to feed more on concentrated food before it ultimately makes more profits.

Outdoor hutches

For Calves

While deciding calf hutches

  • Usage areas : Outdoor UV/ Covered areas / Indoors
  • Cleaning system : Mobile/ Raised hutches / Tilting / Lift-able / Fixed
  • Calf age : 0-4 weeks / 0-6 weeks / 0-8 weeks /4-10 weeks
  • Size  : Small / Medium / Large
  • Shelter type : With door / Fence / Hybrid / Group
  • Material:  Fiber / Polyethylene/ Galvanized/ Aluminum/ Plastic
Buzağı kulübeleri

Kolay temizlik

Hutches for open areas

The young animals enjoy all the benefits of the fresh air with Calf hutch used outdoor. and cost reducing for labor and care. Recommended to use Polyester or polyethylene calf huts in open areas . They provide dimensional stability and unmatched strength and are not affected by UV rays, extreme hot or cold environmental conditions. It prevents the sun rays from entering and the white top layer reflects the sun rays, in other words, there is a synergistic effect of the material and color. In this way, the hut remains cool even at high temperatures.

Polyethylene calf hutches

Types of polyethylene (plastic) calf huts. LINK Regarding Usage The huts produced with the best quality polyethylene material and rotary-mold system are resistant to shocks, weather conditions and of course UV. Mobile calf hut with plastic coating fence and wheels

SUEVIA Hutches

Easy move because of hut on wheels Easy rise up with wheels for cleaning and straw change with plastic coated fence and wheels. Air circulation in hut for fresh air with openings. Easy access due to door locks, Mini, Midi and Maxi models

  • It is very easy to transport with and without calves in mobile mobile sheds.
  • Thanks to the fence lock, it is very easy to enter and exit,
  • The hut and its wheel can be easily lifted vertically, making it easy to change and clean straw.
  • (3) three-hole ventilation holes in the back wall that always provides fresh and fresh air inside the shed.
  • Adjustable ceiling ventilation for additional fresh air.
  • For cleaning purposes, the club can be laid face down. The hut can be cleaned with any cleaning agent.
  • It can be easily transported thanks to its 2 two handles integrated into the Mini and Maxi Hut safes.
  • Thanks to the sufficient space between the huts, feeding and control inspection can be made by entering the spaces.

Fiber Hutches

Fiberglass reinforced polyester, with a super-smooth inner coating. This makes the hutch easy to clean and disinfect. Hygienic, easy to clean surface provides a simple way to achieve a lower infection rate in and around the hutch.  Easy application and maintenance with Link CalfOtel calf hutch solution

Calf Hutch Comfort

We have added optimal comfort and optimal convenience for outdoor accommodation for calves. Completely re-assessed traditional, comfortable hutches, while keeping the current quality aspects.

Fiber calf Hutch for Open Areas
  • The movable flap on the front of the hutch provides a good view of the calves, and the farmer can stand upright inside the hutch.
  • It is easy accessible because of the lockable fence.
  • The hutch on wheels is very mobile, easy to move with or without calves.
  • Both the hutch and the hardwood bottom can be tilted, because of the practical handle.
  • The straw can be refreshed quickly, is easy to clean
  • Between the hutches there is enough space for an entrance at the side, so that calves can stand up or the breeder can carry out an inspection

Calf hutches EKO

Calf hutch outdoor with hinged fencing can be tipped up with or without the front section and always retains its fixed ‘U’ shape. With the fencing tipped up, the outdoor accommodation area can be mechanically cleaned quickly and easily..

Fiber calf Huts for Open Areas
  • It is easy accessible because of the lockable fence.
  • Both the hutch and the hardwood bottom can be tilted, because of the practical handle.
  • The straw can be refreshed quickly, is easy to clean
  • Between the hutches there is enough space for an entrance at the side, so that calves can stand up or the breeder can carry out an inspection

Group Hutches XL

Definitely the best calf hutch for outdoor use after their stay in their mono hutches. If calves are raised outside in this system up to approximately 3 months of age. Designed for large farms

  • For breeding 10 calves up to 3 months
  • Durable galvanized fencing material and bucket rings
  • Reinforced, UV-blocking polyester
  • Effective venting holes
  • Rugged hoisting hooks
  • Detachable patented fencing
  • Side access possibility in fence
  • Good overview, large access and venting openings
  • Removable front gate for easy calf lock up
  • Both the Lightweight hutch and the hardwood can be tilted, because of the practical handle, the straw can be refreshed quickly, is easy to clean

Group housing

The feeding rack and the front section of the fencing for Calf hutch outdoor can be locked securely in place, but can also be lifted out to enable you to move the calves easily into the group box.

With galvanized fence. Easy access due to door locks, Easy lift up for cleaning and straw change. Air circulation in hut for fresh air.

Soft and comfortable calf mats and floors

CaBoMat for hutches

Buzağı kulübe ve kafesleri için özel buzağı yatağı

KRAIBURG CaBoMat  rubber mat is installed which is made of wire or metal sheet floor to provide the necessary softness and slip resistance for the animal.

KURA SE for slated floors

Kauçuk Izgara

To improve animal comfort and get rid of substance and straw litter costs recommended to use  KURA SE KRAIBURG rubber mats which provides enough softness and slip resistance.

Elevated calf yards

Calf yards / pence or barns are completely elevated by the slated floors. Cleaning is done under the elevated salted floors by automatic manure scraper/ Flush by flushing system or by tractor without contact with animals during daily cleaning. Calf housings are hutches or cages which are on the slated floors to maintain and cleaning without and any interactions.

On top of these hard slated floors recommended to use soft rubber floorings KURA SE KRAIBURG to increase animal comfort and welfare

Elevated stalls floors plastik MIK panels ot slated metal or concrete Beton  are used . Because of this slits all kind of dirt and manure and slurry drains. Provides dry, clean surface and promotes healthy environment for calves.

Calf hutch outdoor use

Calves start into life and to strengthen resistance it is ideal to offer them a healthy, highly clean and germ-free environment. This hutch has ”double-climate” surroundings allows the calves to start earlier in eating concentrated feed and to better profit from the nourishment.

Calf hutches:

For efficient, successful dairy farming, good calf rearing is increasingly important. In order to further optimize calf breeding, Newly developed the ‘CalfOTel Hybrid’ – a unique new housing concept for calves, in which animals can be housed both individually and in small groups ‘outdoors.’ This allows calves to be kept in the same pen from day one to three months of age. The system was developed with labour, hygiene, and animal health in mind.

Numerous accessories for indoor or outdoor feeding are available for hutches. They offer you the ideal way to care for your animals and can be combined according to the users’ wishes: e.g. pellets which should be given to the calf as of the 8th day onwards, can be dispersed to the animals in the hay container, or
water in sufficient quantity in the buckets fixed in the hut or in the cage’s wall.