KURA Cow Walk / E

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CowWalk 24 mm thick and 6 mm elasticity at 200 kg.

Cowwalk E 19 mm thick 3 mm elasticity at 200 kg.

  • Most economic solution strip mats for paved/concrete areas like walking alley, and travel lane
  • Optimum softness of the walking area improves claw health reduces fear and pain for the cows
  • cows prefer the soft, claw-friendly „KURA-tracks“ to walk on soft rubber mats Link
  • Reduces overload and injuries of the claw supports claw health
  • ideal softness for high stress on travel lanes
  • cows walk determined, fear- and pain-free
  • the daily walk to and back from the milking area proves to be fluent and saves time
  • simple installation
  • solid and stable in form for long durability
  • manure removal with scraper and driving on mats possible.


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  • Provides high grip on the conctrate floors for wallking areas.
  • Ideal for slopes to prevent animals to fall.
  • Ramp and slippery roads.
  • Slopes up to 20% reduces risk of slip and injuraces.


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  • Specially developed for muddy soil areas.
  • Adapts to surfaces.
  • Simple installation  with no sub structure
  • Can also be used for temporary solutions
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