Cow Mats for Special Areas

Different types and sizes cow mats are used in tie-stalls, free-stalls and paddocks according to the breeding, race and age of the animals. Also, the softness rates, thickness and comfort features of the mattresses and mats varies, according to the needs and welfare of the animals. Single, puzzle and LongLine mat models available as an option in addition to special purposes.

Animal mats

Mats for special areas

hastane yatağı VITA
Hastane yatağı VITA

Soft and Comfortable

Special areas: We offer you rubber coverings for every other special area in the cow house, especially developed for and optimally adapted to the particular requirements of each area. For calving pen / selection area such as delivery room, infirmary, paddock, calf hutches, barn floors and young animal beddings.

DIN 3763 – uniform standard for cattle house mats with “comfort classes” Products must meet certain standards in terms of durability and animal welfare to be compliant with the DIN standard. The norm for assign mats to one of four comfort classes, according to elasticity (deformability in mm).

Cow mats

Animal mats for special areas and applications

Good animal health right from the start is a fundamental requirement for productive animals. With rubber floorings joints are being protected, so that standing up and lying down can be performed in a normal way and the animals can develop fulfilling their needs. Improved sure-footedness reduces the risk of injuries and animal losses. Our soft and yet robust floor covers offer animal-friendly comfort – and this for the long term. It’s our love to the detail that makes the products so user-friendly.

Birth area mattresses VITA

Matt elasticity52%

VITA ve KINGS 65 mm Special Cow and horse mats and mattresses designed specially for birth giving areas and hospitals. It’s very soft, which means that the cow and also the calf can get up more easily. Bedding is only needed to soak up liquids. The upper mat is easy to clean and disinfect. Because of this, very few problems such as udder inflammation in the cows after calving.”

The softest 65 mm mattress with 3 functional layers, with integrated slope to rear edge ensures drying off. The best for the hygienic areas with seamless one-piece upper layer.

  • 3-layer composition (rubber-foam-rubber)
    • ideal and permanent softness for every load condition
    • significantly reduced need for bedding
  • Optimal hygiene
    • jointless top covering
    • frame bar surrounds the system
    • covering strip for “neat” closure towards the wall reduces soiling
    • easy to clean and disinfect
  • Increased lying comfort and better thermal insulation
  • Better sure-footedness – also for the calf
  • Bedding is only used to bind liquids and can be replaced after each calving
Mattress size
 Weight 19 kg / m²
Length 262cm-348cm-440cm-525cm
Width 250cm+10 cm > 600m
Height 65mm

(talep halinde özel – örneğin genç hayvanlara – ölçüler yapılabilir)


SIESTA Mats for Paddocks

Matt elasticity63%

Infirmary, hospitals, delivery rooms, nursing areas floors. Stables without dividers, all kinds of large areas such as paddocks for dry period and young animals and for groups of animals. It can cover wide areas with its ergonomic soft rubber made of 4 sides Puzzle.

  • Comfortable softness through air-cushion-like lower side profile
  • Dimensionally stable, durable and slip resistant
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Comfortable and soft laying mat for large areas and paddocks
  • Pebbled surface non slip.
  • Independent from dividers and continuous puzzle connected system
  • Very simple and flexible installation with puzzle on 4 sides
  • Compatible with vehicle traffic
Puzzle sizes
 Weight 24,5 kg / m²
Length 170cm
Width 115cm
Height 30mm



Matt elasticity63%

Dry period, Young animals, Heifer Male and Fattening animals Ergonomic mat CALMA; Individual bedding 30 mm thick made of soft rubber. It can also be used for dairy cows. Installation side by side with puzzle

  • Flexible and robust – specially for young cattle
  • Installation independent of divider arrangement.
  • Puzzle connection ensures a practically jointless floor area,
  • lower side profile is consistently soft, also in the area of the puzzle connection
  • Proven pebbled surface
  • Chamfer at the rear edge: gentle on animal joints, no stumbling edge
  • Dirt barriers in the rear edge of the lower side minimize soiling
  • Robust and permanently soft
  • Skin-friendly and gentle on the joints
  • For better sure-footedness
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
Mat size
 Weight 24,5 kg / m²
Length 140cm-150cm-160cm-170cm-180cm
Width 115cm
Height 30mm


Calf-box mat CaBoMat

Matt elasticity30%

Animal-friendly flooring for elevated calf pens / boxes improves slip-resistance and reduces risk of injury for smallest calves up to max. 60 kg. sub construction / platform is perforated (bearing bars) load bearing capacity is ensured (mat has no statics function)

  • Natural rubber and SBR mat 12 mm thickness
  • Good for elevated cattle hutches and boxes. calf box link
  • Pebbled top and grooved bottom profiles
  • Always dry, clean and soft
  • Animal comfort for calf husbandry
  • Healthier animals & fewer injuries
Mat sizes (tailor made)
 Weight 11 kg / m²
Length 70cm+ 1cm > -350cm*
Width 76cm+2cm > 120cm*
Height 12mm


KURA SE -Staloma / N calf mat

Matt elasticity25%

Salted rubber mats for elevated calf barn floors KURA SE. Made of natural rubber and SBR, 18/20 mm thick pebble stone patterned upper surface grooved lower profile calf pad. Always clean, dry and soft.

  • Natural rubber and SBR mat 18 / 20 mm thickness
  • Good for salted floor calve yards and barns. calf housing
  • Pebbled top and grooved bottom profiles
  • Always dry, clean and soft
  • Animal-friendly softness and certified grip
  • Increased lying comfort and better heat insulation
  • Fewer injuries and animal losses
  • Noise and stress reducing
  • Enhances weight gain / reduces the fattening period
  • Dimensionally stable and durable
  • large-scale mats extending over several slatted floor elements!
  • Simple and fast installation: easy-to-handle single mats with proven fixing system
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Suitable for both new construction and renovation
Slated floor sizes (tailor made)
 Weight 21 kg / m²
Length 130cm >  350cm
Width 100cm> 125cm
Height 19mm / 24mm


The deep litter cubicle cushion POLSTA

Matt elasticity45%

With the right cushion to the perfect deep litter cubicle POLSTA has been specially developed for the head space of the deep litter cubicle. Here, pawing animals often dig unwanted pits which require time-consuming maintenance measures. POLSTA thus provides a good solution!

Mats for special areas
  • the ideal complement to the deep litter cubicle
  • 10 cm thick “cushion” made of 2 functional layers.
  • Special cow mats for sand and straw bedding
  • Replaces the thick lower layer of litter in the difficult to be maintained head space of the deep litter cubicle.
  • Provides a consistently stable and comfortable sub-construction.
  • Offers easy management and saves litter
Basic size
 Weight 41,6 kg / m²
Length 91cm*
Width 110cm*
Height 100mm


We bring pastures to stalls

More animal welfare & less work Consistently high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing methods. Regarding the lying areas, this means comfortable, non-slip and clean cubicles in which the cows like to spend more than half the day in a relaxed position. This protects the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare. Cow comfort for more animal welfare! Milk can only be produced economically with cows that are healthy and comfortable. Cows naturally are soft soil walkers and therefore need soft floor conditions. We focus on animal health and comfort and thus the productivity of your animals, in addition to animal welfare. Animal-friendly lying and walking areas are the prerequisite for high milk yield and longevity!