AgriLight is better light, better life, welfare and profit

As a farmer your daily concerns are the welfare of your animals and their productivity. Your animals’ health is a vital issue on your list of priorities. Agri light can influence the milk production of your herd. And it can be a challenge to strike the right balance between welfare and optimal profitability. It is maybe an aspect you don’t think about every day, but lighting is an essential component of the equipment in your livestock buildings. After all, without good light you cannot do your work properly, and you might overlook vital signals that indicate the health status of your cattle.

hastens the onset of puberty and heat for calves and Milk yield may reach its highest level when there are light periods of 16 hours a day for milking cows. where the photoperiod is not recommended, in order to boost the regeneration of the breast tissue for dry cows

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Agri light

More light is more milk: innovative durability

Endocrine system & animal wellfare Cows are naturally more active in spring and summer time, when days are long. With the proposed light regime, the biorhythm of cows is controlled by reducing the production of the
sleep hormone: melatonin. Longer periods of light mean less sleep hormone and healthier, more active cows. The result is a better feed intake and higher production.

A lighting regime of 16 hours of light at a minimum of 150 lux, followed by 8 hours of darkness (maximum 5 lux) will improve both the welfare and productivity of the cattle. Light as a production resource It is scientifically proven that a correct use of light contributes to both animal welfare and milk production. Light is not only just to illuminate your farm, but it is also a farm management tool, to improve the performance of livestock.

Full assortment lighting for dairy cows

For more than 15 years, Agrilight has been engaged in research into the influence of light  on the welfare and productivity of animals. Scientific studies performed by the University of Wageningen demonstrate that optimal animal welfare is achieved with light levels of a minimum of 150 lux during the daytime.

AGRILED® 3 Series

Intelligent automated lighting system for example for dairy cows. Benefits are, among others: scientifically proven stimulation of the milk yield (8-9% higher) at a light level of 150-200 Lux. Optionally available with red control lighting. Intelligent automated lighting system for example for dry cows, separation areas, work lighting, low barns. Optionally available with red control lighting. Compact design, high-quality material choice and production in the Netherlands results in a low carbon footprint for the AGRILED® 3.

Agri light led
  • Produced in own Dool Industries factory
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Use of recycled raw materials
  • Newest LED technology
  • 3 types and 5 variants of luminaires
    • AGRILED® 3 pro / AGRILED® 3 / AGRILED® eco

Agri light AGRILED® pro 16

Agri light led
  • It is developed for all general barn lighting solutions for cattle, calves, beef cattle, goats, horses, pigs, machine sheds and general areas. The AGRILED® pro 16 is developed for optimal performance in specific barn environment like moisture, ammonia and dust formation.
  • The high-quality LED alternative in the barn.In combination with the AGRIBOX pro and AGRIBOX pro Switch you will create an intelligent light management system, which thanks to features including dimming functionality will contribute to animal welfare and energy savings.

AGRILED® pro 16 Lumen output * 18.000 Lumen    Power *  125 Watt    Lumen/Watt *  144 Lm/W   Light colour  Neutral White. Integrated red LED’s  No     Dimable    Yes     Lifespan light source   60.000 hours

The AGRILED® pro 32

Ahır aydınlatmaları
  • Especially developed to create a high light level in barns (see light advise). The fixtures is suitable for dairy cows, calves, goats and horses.
  • It is developed for use in the barn environment, is the fixtures resistant to moisture, dust and ammonia formation.
  • Has standard integrated red control lights. The red LEDs are used by farmers for the check-up round during the dark period.
  • Scientific research shows that cows do not perceive the red light and therefore not get disturbed in their night rest by red light.

AGRILED® pro 32 Lumen output *  36.000 Lumen   Power *  250 Watt      Lumen/Watt *  144 Lm/W  Light colour  Neutral White. Integrated red LED’s  Yes  Dimmable  Yes  Lifespan light source

Light Management System (LMS)

These led lights tested for both ammonia resistance and minimum cleaning distance for high pressure cleaners. The results underline the lamp’s resistance to typical environmental conditions in animal housing and suggest that no accelerated reduction of the product lifetime will occur.

The AGRIBOX pro enables light management of the luminaires to be fully automated using a DALI-2 signal. The digital light sensor dims or deactivates the
luminaires if the light levels in daytime are sufficient. This contributes to a better climate in the barn and extra saving on your energy costs.
Features AGRIBOX pro In combination with the AGRIBOX pro and AGRIBOX pro Switch you will create an intelligent light management system. which thanks to features including dimming functionality will contribute to animal welfare and energy savings.
• 5 groups
• 11 light programs
• Real time light level with light sensor
• User-friendly interface
• Energy saving
The AGRIBOX pro Switch completes your installation. This Switch de-energizes the luminaires for service and maintenance.

Agrilight can draw up a lighting plan for your livestock building free of charge and without obligation. Contact us via