Headlocks and cubicles Dividers

Cow headlocks, feeder barriers, stall dividers and mangers are in different sizes and thickness for high standard cow comfort and welfare. Dairy farm equipment designed according to physical size, race, breed, age and behavior of animals in order to prevent possible risks and injuries. Provide a comfortable living space for the largest and smallest animal in the stall.  Allows animals to lie down and eat feed without being disturbed in their own areas . Thus, it contributes to animal welfare, comfort and profitability for breeders

Stall controls

Headlocks and Dividers

Cow comfort and less injuries in stalls

Dimension matters and important

  • Proper Dimensions: Stalls are designed to provide space needed for cows to enter, exit and rest comfortably, while properly indexing them so that stalls are kept clean
  • Comfortable elevated stalls give more space for the cow’s knees, providing more space and a more comfortable rest. A low side lunge also ensures that your cows have the space needed for 360° head movement for sleeping, grooming, and socializing.
  • Proper Brisket Space: All of our stalls have been designed with an open front for easy lunging. This allows cows to take full advantage of their natural laying down and getting up behavior.
  • Easier Exit : Designed with a sloped top rails, free stalls allow cows to turn sooner, reducing the risk of bumping into other cows.
  • Easily Adjustable : A horizontal top allows for shoulder bar length adjustments without affecting the shoulder bar height, and many of our systems allow for height adjustments without reinstallation

Cubicle Dividers

Cubicle dividers provide comfortable, clean and dry resting bed area, they allow feces and urine to fall into the dung path. dividers should provide optimum bed usage and cleaning together. freestall divider provides excellent cow comfort and remains cleaner, as the cows lie straight in the cubicles.

For high milk production, healthy hoofs and longevity of cows it is important that the animals accept their cubicles willingly and spend each day lying in the cubicles for quite some time.
Cows frequent the cubicles only, if they made the experience that they easily can rise again and lie down comfortably. For work management and hygiene it is important that the animals lie straight, and thus the boxes are kept clean.
By its form and arrangement P cubicle dividers contribute decisively to satisfy the cows’ comfort requirements as well as the requirements of the livestock farmer for clean cowsheds.

Seperation dividers designed diffent according to the animal physical structure, free and tie stalls; Each animal in the herd should rest undisturbed in the stall It should allow it to lie down, get up, enter and exit easily and to stand.

Cubicle Dividers P Fermanet®

cubicle dividers
Durak demir 2
  • One piece divider for free stalls.
  • Suitable for Fixed or Flexible head and neck rail or guidance
  • Durable and robust made of hot dip galvanized metal pipe
  • Provides animal welfare and comfort with European standards of size and design.
  • Special designs and dimensions for cows

Cubicle Dividers POST

POST tip durak demiri
  • POST model hot dip galvanized metal profile and pipe
  • Single stall divider consisting of 2 parts for free stalls.
  • Easy to adjust height and width.
  • Durable, sturdy easy assembly
  • Suitable for Fixed or Flexible head and neck rail and guidance
  • Provides animal welfare and comfort with European standards of size and design.

Tie Stall Cubicle Dividers

tie stall
  • TIE model hot dip galvanized metal profile and pipe
  • Single stall divider for stalls.
  • Easy to adjust height and width.
  • Durable, sturdy easy assembly
  • Suitable for Fixed or Flexible head and neck rail and guidance
  • Provides animal welfare and comfort with European standards of size and design.
Tie-stall barns

Hybrid cubicle dividers

Stall dividers, which are connected with a fixed neck rail, allow the cows to be positioned properly in their barn without coming forward. Floating flexible neck rail also reduces cows’ bad habits even when lying back in barns.

Hybrid-Flex Cubicle Dividers

Post stalls

Flexible FLEX dividers developed for more comfortable free stalls. Provides the comfort of free standing on the bed throughout the bedding area. Poly Tube with durable, sturdy, thermal resistance and UV protection. Stronger thanks to the stress connection.

Manger and Headlocks

It is very important to have their own feed compartments that the animals will not be disturbed by other animals. Headlocks allow the animals to stay separate and feed better. It prevents the contact of animals with each other. It provides a comfortable living space. Increases animal welfare and comfort

The basic requirement for a correct manger is right width according  to age, race and horn structure of the animals. There are locked, barrier and fence mangers models according to usage purposes .

Expected as simple and containing few parts and components as possible; It provides ease of use and a long service life. Should not allow neck collars, numerators and horns to be stuck in.


Durable and robust head locks made of galvanized metal pipes and profiles . Easy and robust locking mechanism with swing arm support. Can lock your animals in groups and individually with its automatic mechanism. Control and intervention becomes easier while taking more comfortable and convenient feed. You can easily do the necessary care and treatment. For catalogue

Headlocks EDNA Fermanet®

Headlocks made of stainless hot dip galvanized pipe for animal controls and intervention.

  • Emergency lock that can be opened very easily with the emergency lock rescue system.
  • Prevents animals from contacting each other
  • Control and intervention becomes easier while making more comfortable and convenient feed intake.
  • You can easily perform the necessary maintenance and treatment procedures.
  • Provides a comfortable living space. Increases animal welfare and comfort.
  • The cow collar does not snap and animals do not get snagged or pinched.
  • There are no sharp, pointed and hard parts and connections that may cause injury or damage to animals.

Headlocks ALON Fermanet®

headlock dimensions 2
  • There are no sharp edges and corners or connections that could cause injury and damage to animals.
  • Not allow animals to be trapped, injured and panic ot stressed
  • Very easy opening lock with emergency lock recovery system.
  • Noise stopper.
  • Simple design, it does not contain many and plastic parts, no wear nor breakage
  • No welding is used at any point during assembly.
  • Composed of modular parts, easily assembled and de-assembled

Animal friendly flexible barriers and stall controls

FLEX Feeder Front manger allows cows to lift its head naturally, providing ease of swallowing and less energy consumption in feed intake. Providing a natural barrier and animal friendly feed and forage intake. Natural and better feed efficiency. No nape and neck problems.

Flex Manger

  • Increases animal welfare and comfort.
  • The cow can lift its head while feeding
  • Eats longer and better
  • Provides enough room for all sizes of animals.
  • It does not cause neck injury or hair loss.
  • It tilts up to 30 degrees and allows the cow easy access to the feed.
  • Thanks to vertical pipes, hierarchical strong animals do not disturb.

Feeding Table Separators

yükseltilmiş yem yolu için ayırıcı ölçüleri
  • Special designs and dimensions for Feeding Table .
  • Recommended for raised feed table. Elevated feed stalls
  • Durable and robust feed table separator made of hot-dip galvanized metal pipe.
  • Provides animal welfare and comfort with European standards.

Adjustable feed barriers

  • Durable and robust made of hot dip galvanized metal pipe
  • Provides well-being and comfort that can be adjusted according to the size of the animals.
  • Special designs and dimension for cows.

Stall Dividers and Animal Comfort

Free stall  dairy barns have a very significant effect on cow comfort. Stall dimensions and directions and the main elements of the stall. Lying area and separators. The features of the stall elements and their size and positions form the basis of the free stall design. Unsuitable stall area: shortened bedtime, prolonged standing time, increased lying in aisles, cows spend more time around corridors, nails hardly dry, germ capacity carried on nails and foot diseases increase.

Flexible Head and Neck rail

Animal friendly, flexible and soft complement ideal for stall control. It provides animals with maximum comfort and well-being while allowing them to lie in the right position and place. It is used instead of nose rail and neck rail

Flexible head and neck rail

Soft and flexible- Brisket board

Flexible rubber brisket board used as a stall Barrier . The ideal complement for stall control. While providing the animals to lie in the correct position and place. Comfortable and soft brisket board, the animals can easily extend their front legs as in the natural environment

Use as a feeding protective along the feeder wall  with the Rubber board , Allows animals freedom of movement from neck level

Soft flex brisket board

Natural feeding behavior

Feed neck rails, which restrict the head lift, inhibit natural behavior and cause injury. The restraining feed fence not only affects feed intake and feed conversion, it also forces him to spend excessive energy just to consume his food.

Stall dividers effects

If the cows go to rest happily are designed under suitable conditions in stalls, it will be seen by the breeders that the cows will spend their sleeping and resting time in these areas.

The target value 3 hours after milking; 80% of the flock arriving at the stops and 5 minutes after arriving at the stops, and 85% lying down can be considered as an indication that the stops are designed properly. If most of the cows are standing on the walking paths, more than half of them, the condition of the stall floors (softness, dimensions, neck iron, etc.) must be checked. When placing the neck iron, it should be calculated and placed diagonally as 1.90 m – 2 m from the stop surface. Cattle welfare should be taken into account in the design of dairy shelter.