Calf hut accessories

Calf hut and feeding accessories

Calf care and rearing products for animal health, hygiene and care required for the protection and healthy development of newborn animals between 0-10 weeks in calf huts and shelters: Products suitable for shelter conditions should meet the needs of you and the animal.

Buzağı Bakım ürünleri

While choosing a Calf Hut

Manufactured from the best quality polyethylene material and rotary-formed system, the sheds must be resistant to shocks, weather conditions and of course UV. Thanks to the sufficient space between the huts, feeding and control inspection should be possible by entering between them.

Fiberglass and reinforced polyester / Polyethylene / Galvanized / Aluminum / Plastic calf hut types for covered areas Usage related LINK

Buzağı ürünleri ve aksesuarları Yem kabı + Su kovası+ Biberon + Süt kovası

Calf hut accessories

Plastik kaplama çiti ve tekerlekleri ile beraber seyyar buzağı kulübesi tavsiye edilir.

  1. Bowls +
  2. Pail Bucket with  +
  3. feeding Bottle +
  4. water bucket+
  5. Door +
  6. fence +
  7. wheels +
  8. Mattresses and pads
buzağı kulübe aksesuarları ve buzağı bakım Buzağı ürünleri ve aksesuarları


  • Special feed container for calf huts,
  • Thanks to the top cover, it protects the bait in rain and other weather conditions.
  • Easy assembly, easy cleaning and straw change

Buckets – Pails

  • Food grade plastic
  • Level indicator
  • The cover can be attached
  • Does not fall off with double lock system
  • Ergonomic shape, robust design
  • Self cleaning when upside-down
  • Use lids on pails to retain heat.

Feeding Bottle

  • Food grade plastic
  • Level indicator
  • Can be used as medicine bottle.
  • Ergonomic shape with handle, robust design
  • Easy cleaning with the big mouth bottle.

Feed and water bowls

  • Food grade plastic
  • Suitable for pellet feed and water
  • Does not fall out with the edge lock notch
  • Ergonomic shape, robust design
  • Easy cleaning.

Hut gates

  • Made of hot-dip galvanized
  • European standard sizes
  • Easily transportable modular and openings.
  • Two buckets and one baby bottle bucket can be attached to the door with connection brackets.
  • Entry and exit is very easy thanks to the fence lock,
  • Use as hut front and fence.

Fences and gardening

  • Made of painted or hot-dip galvanized
  • European standard sizes
  • It consists of an easily transportable modular and openings.
  • Two buckets and one bottle or feeding bucket can be attached to the front door with connection brackets.
  • Entry and exit is very easy thanks to the fence lock,
  • The hut can be easily lifted upright with the fence, so it is very easy to change the straw and clean it.
  • All shed fence wheels are in a set with screws and fittings

Buzağılar için Yumuşak altlık ve yataklar

BUZAĞI yatağı CaBoMat

Buzağı kulübe ve kafesleri için özel buzağı yatağı

Hayvan dostu ve yükseltilmiş açık tip buzağı kulübe ve kafesleri için özel Yumuşak, kauçuktan imal buzağı yatağı. Kauçuk (delikli zemin) 12mm kalınlıkta buzağı altlığı CaBoMat.


Kauçuk Izgara

Yükseltilmiş alanlarda Kauçuk Izgara Zemin KURA SE buzağı ahır zemini. Mazgallı buzağı tarlaları, buzağı kulübeleri altlığı. Buzağı altlığı ile hayvanlar daima temiz, kuru ve yumuşak.

Calf Hutches and use

Buzağı yetiştirme için en uygun koşulların sağlanması için uygun buzağı barınakları şarttır. Buzağı yetiştiriciliğine İşçilik, refah ve büyüme optimal katkıda bulunur. Buzağı kulübelerinin çeşitli modelleri, minimum iş ile maksimum verim sağlar. Ek olarak buzağı bakımını daha kolay hale getiren servis ve aksesuarlar da önemlidir. Detay için

Calf shelters and barns

Properly selected and managed  appropriate calf housing has a significant impact on ensuring optimum calf growth and well-being in the first 24 months.  Thanks to the use of the right products and good workmanship, calves can be fertilized earlier, growth is increased, calf loss is significantly reduced and milk production increases after the first two lactations. As a result, a more profitable operating environment and conditions are created, along with labor and time savings. Calf shelters , where we spend effort, time and money for the future and gain of our herds, can  cause losses.

“ Prefer KRAIBURG products for hygienic indoor areas suitable for animal comfort that can be used in organic livestock”

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