Manure Scrapers FS2 Flap scraper for channels

Ahır zemin sıyırıcıları ve kanatları
  • 2 side flap scraper for Middle guidance/ Solid construction in galvanised steel
  • Cleaning the gangway in both directions with one scraper!
  • Delivered as standard with lateral wings, which are ensuring clean borders and compensate the difference in width of the gangway.

FS Flexible Manure Scraper

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  • FLAP Scraper Solid and heavy construction, in galvanised steel with lateral wings
  • Lateral flaps are opening automatically on the way backwards
  • Due to its flexible construction this scraper adapts automatically to the gangway
  • Also available as flap scraper for gangways equipped with rubber mats and without middle guidance

VS V type Manure Scraper

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  • V Form Scraper for middle guidance / Solid scraper construction, in galvanized steel Heavy version
  • V-form of the scraper allows the animals simply to step over the scraper
  • Adapts to gangways of different width
  • Very good for cleaning the gangways with straw bedding
  • Available as two-side V-form scraper for gangways with a discharge into a cross channel in the middle

Manure Scrapers SLS Scrapers for under slated floors

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  • Scaper for slated floor Solid construction in galvanised steel
  • This scraper cleans the slatted floor in both directions. Rubber lips are pushing manure into the manure channel
  • With rubber star devices on both ends for cleaning the borders of gangways
  • Special plastic rope light weight, safely use in gangways
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