Indoor Calf hutches

Indoor Calf hutches and Pens

This “special-climate” environment allows the calves to feed more on concentrated food before it ultimately makes more profits. Indoor calf hutches provides the most suitable environment for animals to stay separate to prevent infection. Calf yards, houses floors should be kept Dry, Clean and Soft. In elevated calf box, hutches, cages are proven solution to keep young calves safe and healthy which is also economical for farmers.

Indoor Calf hutches

While deciding calf hutches

  • Usage areas : Open areas  UV/ Covered areas / Closed areas
  • Cleaning system : Mobile/ Raised huts / Tilting / Lift-able / Fixed
  • Calf age : 0-4 weeks / 0-6 weeks / 0-8 weeks /4-10 weeks
  • Size  : Small / Medium / Large
  • Shelter type : With door / Fence / Hybrid / Group
  • Material:  Fiber / Polyethylene/ Galvanized/ Aluminum/ Plastic
Sağmal çiftliklerde buzağı bakımı ve yönetimi

Kolay temizlik

Indoor Calf hutches

Models, or mounted on a grate with wheels. Opting for a system with or without a grate is entirely up to the farmer. The hutch mounted on a grate with castor wheels offers more flexibility and even better mobility. The bedding in the hutch stays drier due to the plastic grid in the grate.

Open Top mobile Hutches

Can be set up to 3 hutches Conspicuous open roof. This roof makes it exceptionally suitable for placing the hutch, either inside in the cowshed or outside under cover. For farmers who want to raise their calves inside or outside, For breeding calves up to 3 weeks

  • Long shelf life as it is made of durable fiberglass
  • Reinforced, UV-blocking polyester
  • Easy to clean with its seamless and smooth inner surfaces
  • Easy to tilt for cleaning  lightweight tilt able hutch and bottom
  • Easy to access via locking gate that is easy to open
  • Good shelter because of raised edge at the back
  • High mobility for easy cleaning and maneuverable.
  • Hardwood bottom carrying frame on rugged wheels for easy moving
  • Front and top viewing, access and venting opening
  • Durable galvanized fencing material and bucket ring
  • Available with single, double or triple frame
  • The straw can be refreshed quickly, is easy to clean

Modular Mobile Housing For Calves PREMIUM

The system allows you to house calves in the same accommodation, first individually and then in groups, without moving the calves. The easily removable intermediate panels can be moved quickly, making the job easier. Thanks to the modular system, you can choose the size of the groups yourself.

  • The set-up is completely modular, it can be put together according to your own wishes.
  • High user-friendliness and hygiene.
  • The system is screwed onto the floor.
  • The side and back walls are made of closed impact-resistant plastic panels.
  • The easy-to-remove panels allow for quick cleaning.
  • Calves can be housed in groups without moving them.
  • Color of the panels is white, so you can easily check if the pens are sufficiently clean.
  • The pen contains a two-part locking gate. This locking gate allows you to enter the pen without disturbing the calf while drinking.
  • Locking gate can easily be opened and can be removed in one simple operation.
  • Open top gives you a good view of the calves.

Modular Housing For Calves

The flexibility to choose the size of the group of calves; Take the panels out you can create a group of calves and this means that calves can socialize and is better for grow. When you take all panels away you only have 4 metal posts left what makes it very easy to maneuver

  • The front door of the hybrid system, this means a double door that the calf can drink without disturbing.
  • With the bigger door you can use for a wheelbarrow to tipping straw inside the box.
  • The side panels you can take out for cleaning and you can use a mini shovel for cleaning.
  • Also the backwall you can take out for easy cleaning.
  • The set-up is completely modular, it can be put together according to your own wishes.
  • High user-friendliness and hygiene.
  • The system is screwed onto the floor.
  • The side and back walls are made of closed impact-resistant plastic panels.
  • The easy-to-remove panels allow for quick cleaning.
  • The calves can be housed in groups without moving them.
  • The pen contains a two-part locking gate. This locking

Flex pen

They work in any indoor setting. Modular to maximize space and accommodate various raising styles. Easy to set up.  or add and remove pens. Durable and long lasting. Safe for the animals.

  • Exclusive 6-way door opens inward or outward to meet individual preference.
  • Door can be hinged on either left or right side.
  • Easy-grip XL handle.
  • Heavy duty snap-in pail holder.
  • Steel reinforced door frame – the only steel reinforced plastic door of its kind – offers superior strength.
  • Wide opening door for easy entry.
  • Easy to set up, configure, expand, and truly only requires one person.
  • Easy to sanitize to ensure ultimate calf health.
  • Rugged, long–lasting, solid steel hardware connectors takes only seconds to configure; no small pins or parts to lose.
  • Interlocks back–to–back/side–to–side to easily configure to your facility.
  • Superior ventilation with standard adjustable rear venting.
  • Separated feed buckets – keeps feed dry.
  • Free standing and modular – does not require permanent installation.
  • Optional accessories and components –
  • Adapts to all management styles and practices.

FERMANET ®  Elevated calf cage (box)

Increases comfortable animal welfare conditions and protects animal interferences. No sharp or acute ages that may cause any cut or damaging pieces and connections. Mobile cages can be carried with or without animals on wheels.

yükseltilmiş buzağı kafesi
  • Pens recommended for calves 0-8 weeks.
  • Durable maximum 250 kg live weight animals.
  • Any type of accessory can easily be mounted or hanged and suspended on the cage.
  • Easy to install feeder, 2 buckets and 2 drinkers to fence with brackets.
  • The calf cage is made up of 4 parts, robust and durable can be easily mounted and demounted.
  • The transport with caster wheels on the raised legs can be easily mounted.
  • The front door with two buckets and two bottle coupling brackets.
  • Front door opens fully with hinge and lock pin.
  • Wind breaker curtain protects animals from contamination, interaction, draught.

Soft and comfortable mats for calves

CaBoMat for calf hutches

Buzağı kulübe ve kafesleri için özel buzağı yatağı

KRAIBURG CaBoMat  rubber mat is installed which is made of wire or metal sheet floor to provide the necessary softness and slip resistance for the animal.

Calf barn floors KURA SE

Kauçuk Izgara

To improve animal comfort and get rid of substance and straw litter costs recommended to use  KURA S KRAIBURG rubber mats which provides enough softness and slip resistance.

Elevated Calf yards / pens floor

Calf yards / pens or barns are completely elevated by the slated floors. Cleaning is done under the elevated salted floors by automatic manure scraper/ Flush by flushing system or by tractor without contact with animals during daily cleaning. Calf housings are hutches or cages which are on the slated floors to maintain and cleaning without and any interactions.

To improve animal comfort and get rid of substance and straw litter costs recommended to use  LOSPA KRAIBURG rubber mats which provides enough softness and slip resistance.

Elevated stalls floors plastic MIK panels ot slated metal or concrete Beton  are used . Because of this slits all kind of dirt and manure and slurry drains. Provides dry, clean surface and promotes healthy environment for calves.

Use of indoor calf hutches

Calves start into life and to strengthen resistance it is ideal to offer them a healthy, highly clean and germ-free environment. This hutch has ”double-climate” surroundings allows the calves to start earlier in eating concentrated feed and to better profit from the nourishment.

Calf hutches

Properly selected and managed appropriate calf shelters have a significant effect on optimum calf growth and well-being in the first 24 months. Thanks to the use of the right products and good workmanship, calves can be fertilized earlier, growth increases, calf loss significantly decreases and milk production increases after the first two lactations. As a result, together with labor and time savings, more profitable operating environment and conditions occur. Calf shelters, where we spend effort, time and money for the future and gain of our herds, can cause losses.

Organik hayvancılıkta kullanılabilen hayvan konforuna uygun ve hijyenik kapalı alanlar için KRAIBURG ürünlerini tercih ediniz”

Numerous accessories for indoor or outdoor feeding are available for hutches. They offer you the ideal way to care for your animals and can be combined according to the users’ wishes: e.g. pellets which should be given to the calf as of the 8th day onwards, can be dispersed to the animals in the hay container, or
water in sufficient quantity in the buckets fixed in the hut or in the cage’s wall.