Walking Comfort in The Dairy Barn

Animal welfare
Walking comfort; improves animal welfare and with it profitability of dairy cows. Improved animal welfare for higher profitability with Sure-footedness, Claw health, Dry walking areas. In cubicle barns, the walking…

Calf barns and shelters

Animal welfare
Proper calf shelters (barns) that are correctly selected and managed have a significant impact on optimum calf growth and well-being in the first 24 months.  Thanks to the use of the right products and…

Calf management

Calf management in dairy farm The first 24 hours after a calf is born can have tremendous effects on their overall performance and health throughout their life. Calf management and…
Tie-stall barns


Animal welfare
TIE-STALL BARNS BENEFITS Tie-stall barns have many advantages when it comes to cow comfort. This type of herd management makes possible a pro-active, individualized approach to each animal and its…
Ammonia emissions

Ammonia emissions in dairy farms

Animal welfare
Many countries have committed themselves to reduce ammonia emissions. These are mainly caused by agriculture.Cattle husbandry accounts for the largest share of this. Apart from slurry storage and application, housingconstruction…

KRAIBURG Rubber properties

Animal welfare
„KRAIBURG Rubber“ What is so good about our rubber products? quality and properties. Our purity rule KRAIBURG raw material: the best from the tyre. Very high quality mixture: important tyre…

Cow Foot bathing

Animal welfare

While the cow walks through the tray, the liquid gets heavily splashed on the legsand heel sections of the hoofs, washing off contamination from wounds and out of the inter-digital spaces.

israil model altlık

Israeli Model barns

Animal welfare

Israeli Model barns, Most farms in Israel (> 90%) workwithout cubicles and save money for dividers, for walking alleys, crossings and so on!