Israeli Model barns versus European

1-Israeli Model

Most farms in Israel (> 90%) workwithout cubicles and save money for dividers, for walking alleys, crossings and so on!

  • They only have
    • open,unstructured lying areas
    • feeding alleys
    • feeding tables
  • Open, un structured lying areas offer a space of 18 – 20 m² per cow 
    and cows can lay down where they want.
  • Ground is made out of
    • dried manure (below is concrete!)
    • maybe some sand
    • absorbent material that we know as “CATSAN” (white stuff that 
      can take and absorb urine)
  • Ground/soil is
    • minimum1 time, often 2 times per day equalized with tractor.
      and harrow (heavy unitwith “iron teeth”) so that ground gets 
      flat and without deepholes in soil.
    • Dried with strong ventilation systems in spite of the fact  that 
      temperature is always between 25 – 45°C and hardly any rain.
  • exchanged maybe once or twice a year.
  • When there is rain fall aarea becomes (at least there where rain comes in) immediately mud, but 1 day later everything is dry again because 
    of natural weather conditions, ventilation and farmers treatment.

2-European Copy

  • Israeli investors who run farms inEurope (mainly RO and BG) want 
    to use the “Israeli model” also in Europe.
  • European farms (mainly BG) visiting Israel want to “copy” the system, 
    but  I have not yet seen any“copy” that works.
  • Problem is that in Europa
    • weatherconditions are different è much more rain, much more 
      wetness, coldtemperatures, even ice. 
      farms are much too lazy for daily equalizing the floor.
    • farms do not have strong ventilation systems.

Result: mud and dirt – dirt and mud!Holes in the ground where cows 
fall in with their legs and legs might get broken!  

  • “Israeli Model” done by European farmers are – to all my present experience – just an “excuse” for being lazy andnot taking care of the cows.
  • In Israeli farms in Europa the local farm managers would like to shift 
    to lying box systems but Israeli investors reject all these ideas and insist on their model. They do not want to make investments in lying boxes.

“What works in Israel has to work every where!”

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