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The ventilation system in modern loose-stock farms and Barn Curtains Fireproof seamless barn curtains that break the wind and contribute to the barn ventilation and lighting. While providing natural ventilation and illumination of the barn; Improves animal welfare and comfort.

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Over the past 10 years in the cowsheds of Europe there was a climate revolution. Before this, the farms were heavily lined with walls and isolated better than some residential buildings. This was due to the fact that all areas of activity were in the same room. Today, we divide the dairy farm according to the functional areas, and the loose-stock farm is now primarily a place for rest and feeding the cow.

Animal needs fresh, dry, clean and cool air that curtain provides

  1. To prevent Wind (Wind is most dangerous air circulation for animal health)
  2. To prevent sun light (Sun light increases heat in the barn which causes heat stress and reduces milk yield)
  3. To prevent heat ( heated air in the barn rises and has to leave from top openings)
  4. To prevent dirty air ( exchange air lets exhausted heated air from top and lets in fresh air through curtain)   
  5. To prevent birds come in barn ( to save food staff eaten by birds and to get rid of bird shit and bird born deceases).

The climate of the cowshed should be 100% meet the requirements of the dairy cow. The cow, in its essence, is a northern animal and prefers a dry cold environment to the warm and humid.

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Lack of fresh air means:

Heat stress, cows become sluggish, eat less food and itch to give off body heat, instead of chewing. If the temperature rises from 20 ° to 30 ° C, then the cow is undernourished with at least 1.5 kg of dry food and produces 3-5 kg ​​of milk per day less.
When the humidity of the air increases, the animals have difficulty in the summer with the heat transfer of their bodies, and in the winter they catch cold, as the wool becomes wet. Pathogenic pathogens spread much faster in moist air. Dust from the food and litter aggravates breathing.

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Harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane also weighed animals. With a lack of oxygen, it is impossible to achieve high productivity. In a modern farm of loose maintenance with a large intake of air in winter, it is required to ventilate 4-6 times per hour. In summer it is necessary to remove the warmth of the body of animals in addition, so the farm should be ventilated 60-100 times in one hour.

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The cowshed must be able to open the walls by Barn Curtains

This requirement can be met if the side walls of the loose-fitting farm can be opened. The opening must be such that the cow can be air-blown at the height of summer. This is the only way to avoid additional heat stress. Approximate dimensions for the opening of a detached building are required on each side of 0.6 m² per cow, to protect against wind in other premises it is necessary about 1 m² per cow. From this it follows that in a six-row farm of loose-fitting content the height of the overhang of the roof should be from 3.40 to 5 m with an opening from 2.70 to 4 m.

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Feed kitchen and robot housing curtain and doors

The feed kitchen is the area in which the feed is stored, selected, picked up and loaded into the robot for mixing. In the kitchen, a crane construction with a feed grabber is installed that moves above the kitchen to the right block of feed. Depending on the width and depth of the kitchen, it can easily stock feed for three days. Automatic feeding Automatic feeding means that cows are fed with precision. You will need adapted door and curtain system will work with robotics.


Barn Curtains and Curtain Fabrics

Our factory has all types of various wind curtain weave and tarpaulin
types of welding can be combined by order. We are trying to find the best solution for each project and application by making special tailor-made production in special dimensions! VERVAEKE Fire Retardant (non-flammability class M2) The logo and the picture can be written on the curtains. Shouldn’t rain or wind fall through the curtain fabric? Or would you prefer a more breathable fabric?


One-piece curtain up to 120m wide and 4,75m high is possible, providing superior wind resistance, specially designed for tough conditions. There are also various wind breaking factors 0 to 100 are available curtains as well as colors variations.

The color is entirely related to preference.

Due to its ability to reflect sunlight in curtain paints, UV resistance is much higher and therefore its service life is higher than other curtains. Because transparent curtains pass through the light, they are directly exposed to UV and therefore age older.

Manej and paddock curtains

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