Horse stable mats

Horse stable mats used for equestrian stalls, paddocks and walking areas. KRAIBURG products are certified by DLG the German Agricultural Association for , PAK test” don’t contain (non healthy) product as well as the SLIP-resistant test certificates.  Link  for horse barn floor applications. Where rubber mat applied Electrically conductive, Improved wet and slip resistance. With UV and ozone protection mats, protects the musculoskeletal system.

Horse barn mats

Stall mats tested and approved by the German Agricultural Association DLG ; has DIN 3763 – “Comfort classes”.

At ahırları ve zemin kaplamaları
At ahırları ve zemin kaplamaları
At ahırları ve zemin kaplamaları

Soft, comfortable mats for horse zones

  • Loose Box: Basic-Clasic-Trend
  • Walking areas: Walkway-WalkPro, Style
  • Walkers: Walker-Motion
  • Wet and slippery floors: Paddock-Flix-Step
  • Wall protection: Rodeo
  • MDI rubber: HPaver-Epaver-Slab

looseBox / Lying area mats

It provides comfort and prosperity as a rubber flooring material suitable for boxing floors. The horse bed provides sufficient ground softness, it is always recommended to apply a small amount of fine chopped handle to remove moisture from it. Thus; The use of sawdust as litter is reduced. provides savings. As the amount of bedding material decreases, the dust in the air decreases. KRAIBURG rubber pads do not allow the growth and formation of bacteria and provide good hygiene.

Puzzle can be applied quickly and easily in sheets. Warranty period of all horse beds and floors is 5 years, and quite long service life .

BASIC LooseBox mat 18mm

  • Horse mats for laying areas and boxes.
  • Heat insulating enhanced.
  • Slip resistance and friendly to hooves.
  • Surface: horseshoe profile Lower side: grooves.
  • Reduces barn noise
  • Reduces used straw and other bedding litter stuff’s

CLASIC Loose Box mat 18mm

  • Horse mats for laying areas and boxes.
  • Rubber floorings provide horses warm, softness, comfort and safety.
  • Only bedding litter straw absorbs urine on mats.
  • Slip resistance and friendly to hooves.
  • Reduces barn noise.
  • Reduces used straw and other bedding litter stuff’s

All type horse shoes

TREND Loose Box mat 28mm

  • The softest Horse mats for laying areas and boxes.
  • Horse-friendly softness,
  • Heat insulating Horseshoe profile with wear resistant top coat
  • Air cushions with sealing lips on lower side for better hygiene
  • BELMONDO TREND 6249F certified by DLG test

All type horse shoes

KING Loose Box and recovery pen

Jointless large-area flooring system  40/ 65 mm

  • 2/ 3-layer comfortable large-area flooring system.
  • pleasantly soft lying area the specially designed lower rubber mat adapts to every load condition
  • Good shock absorbance when standing up and lying down
  • The seamless top covering is easy to clean
  • Heat insulation and noise reduction
  • Low bedding material requirement (minimal amount of bedding)
  • Dimensioning possible for almost every lying area
    in areas larger than 5.25 x 6 m: joint covering with maxiPROFIL
  • The covering strip ensures a neat closure towards the wall
  • Not suitable for vehicle traffic

All type horse shoes

  • Rubber base used with straw.
  • Rubber provides sufficient softness and sanitary environment.
  • Minimum straw loss Minimizes the straw requirement (3-5 cm).
  • Easy to complete straw-straw
  • Permanent softness and highly resistant surface thanks to its shape.
  • It provides high resistance to slipping during lying down and getting up.
  • Assembly is easy and fast.
Yatak ölçüleri
 Ağırlık 20 kg / m²
Uzunluk 100cm
Genişlik 100cm
Yükseklik 18mm/ 28mm

KING yatak Ölçüleri

 Ağırlık 23 kg / m²
Uzunluk 180cm
Genişlik 250cm+10 cm > 32,5m
Yükseklik 40mm /65mm

(talep halinde özel – örneğin genç hayvanlara – ölçüler yapılabilir)

Horse stable and walkways

Paddock, outdoor and indoor walkways, Walker floors, swimming pools, car floors and rubber floor coverings that can be used on slippery and soft ground KRAIBURG minimizes unwanted noise and noise while horses walk safely without the risk of slipping.


  • The risk of slipping and unnecessary noises are a common problems but rubber floorings.
  • Walkway provides safety walking horses and noise reduction.
  • Also it is very easy to clean the floorings.
  • Lower mat thickness for swing doors


  • Appealing mosaic design Improved wet slip-resistance with wear resistant top coat
  • Hoof- and joint-friendly due to appropriate softness and elasticity
  • Material impermeable to water and resistant to urine
  • Suitable for * vehicle traffic.

All type horse shoes

Horse walkers

Tailor made for each equestrian walker. Electrically conductive Improved wet slip resistance With UV and ozone protection

Horse-MOTION 21mm

  • For manej, horse walker Tailor made, individually designed for your riding hall size.
  • All kinds of riding halls floorings can be manufactured by size of your maneje and put in two versions.
  • Improved wet-slip resistance With UV and ozone protection

All type horse shoes

Horse walker 21

  • Electrically conductive Improved wet slip resistance
  • With UV and ozone protection
  • Suitable for every horsewalker requirement:
  • hard/paved floor (concrete, asphalt, …)
  • tailor-made production
  • protects the musculoskeletal system
  • weatherproof and frostproof
  • very durable with every type of shoe
  • suitable for vehicle traffic*
  • W 19 kg / m²

All type horse shoes

Wet and slippery areas

It can be applied quickly and easily as specially produced boards for maneje and all kinds of riding areas. The warranty period is 5 years and the service life is quite long.

Washing areas, bathrooms, maintenance rooms, infirmary, boarding ramps, risky and private areas. Products for fixing wet, slippery floors and loose ground. It can be applied quickly and easily as sheets specially produced for maneje and all types of embarkation areas. The warranty period is 5 years and the service life is quite long.

FLIX soil stabilization 24mm

  • For animal-friendly stabilisation of natural soil specially developed for muddy soil
  • Adapts to the subsurface
  • Simple installation with no substructure
  • Lay out mats and attach them to each other with
  • Sturdy cable zip ties
  • Can also be used as a temporary solution mats can easily be removed and laid out again
  • Solid, vulcanized rubber
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Mats, attached to  each other with cable zip ties  studs on lower side

All type horse shoes


  • Horse bath, solarium and outdoor area floors (use in wet and outdoor areas).
  • Floorings for Paddock Specially designed diamond-shaped surface prevents slipping, especially in wet weather and prevents mud accumulation and non slip surface durable mat for outside use.
  • Resistance to ozone and ultraviolet. The floorings provides long-term strength and elasticity.
  • Absolute strength! No chance of rain and dampness!
  • DLG test LINK

All type horse shoes

STEP slopes and ramps 24 mm

up and down hill slopes For indoor and outdoor passages with a slope.

  • V-shaped, raised rib profile improves the hoof’s foothold
  • Tested in practice on up to 15 % slope so far
  • weatherproof and UV resistant frost proof – frozen matter can be loosened more easily
  • Simple installation with no substructure
  • Can also be used as a temporary solution mats can easily be removed and laid out again.
  • Square imprinting between the ribs supports the grip Width x length: 65/130 cm x 200 cm 24 mm

All type horse shoes

Paddock zemin kauçuk ölçüleri
 Ağırlık 19 kg / m²
Uzunluk 100cm
Genişlik 100m
Yükseklik 24 mm
Stepp zemin kauçuk ölçüleri
 Ağırlık 20,5 kg / m²
Uzunluk 200cm
Genişlik 65c-130 m
Yükseklik 24 mm

Wall impact mats

Rubber coating for impact-resistant, easy-care and moisture-proof walls. With its soft and shock-absorbing feature, it protects the walls and horse’s feet as well as provides thermal insulation. In flexible rubber sheets Easy to assemble and cut.

RODEO 12mm

  • Attractive wooden planks optics,
  • Less noise
  • Long life cycle protects wall and leg of the horse easy to cut.
  • 11 mm thick
  • Elastic rubber slabs

Protection 8mm

  • Black / blue, black / red, black / grey
  • Easy-care and moisture-proof elastic covering that is ideal for protecting walls in horse boxes. and reduces the risk of injuries to the horses.
  • Packed in rolls, can be mounted by gluing or screws.
    85 % fine recycled rubber granules and 15 % color EPDM granules, bonded with polyurethane elastomer.
  • Product is 1 year warranty

MDI* Recycled rubber and MDI polyurethane floors

Track floors: Use in entrance and exit to boarding areas, paddocks, training and washing areas. It can be applied easily in plate and block form, with border and borderless or with a corner support profile. Colored made of recycled rubber and MDI polyurethane. The warranty period is 3 years and the color warranty is 1 year. Methylene diphenyl isocyanate (MDI) 

tolerances Length / Width: ± 0.8% Thickness: ± 2 mm

H-paver 40mm
  • Colours :Red, green, black or grey are one year warrantry.
  • Surfacing slab are ideal floor coverings for stable walkways, entrances to horse riding centres, paddock entrances and exits, exercicers and tethering and washing areas.
  • H-paver surfacing slab enables very fast installation and can be supplemented with our edge and corner profiles.
  • Recycled rubber granules bonded with MDI polyurethane
  • Surface: open-pored H-shaped brick look Underside: half-round knobby profile Edges: chamfered

L x W x H : 500 x 500 x 40 mm
Weight 36 kg/m²

Elastic-paver 43mm

Elastik kauçuk kilit parke halinde yürüyüş yolları; Biniş alanlarına, padoklara giriş, çıkışlarda, eğitim alanları, yıkama alanlarında kullanılır. Garantisi süresi 3 yıl olup renk garantisi 1 yıldır.

Uzunluk x En x Kalınlık 200 x 165 x 43 mm
1,00 kg/adet

Elastic-Slab 40mm
  • Elastic pavers surfacing slab are ideal floor coverings for stable walkways, entrances to horse riding centers, paddock entrances and exits, exercisers and tethering and washing areas.
  • Easy to install on unbounded and bonded sub surfaces.
  • Material: Recycled rubber granules with rubber fibers bonded with MDI polyurethane.
  • Product is 3 and colors are 1 year warranty.

L x W x H
500 x 500 x 40 mm veya 1.000 x 500 x 40 mm
W 35,5 kg/m2

Elastic-Slab 40
  • Esnek ve ergonomik şekli ile yürüyüş için uygun.
  • Toleranslar: Uzunluk/En: ± %0,8 Kalınlık: ± 2 mm
  • Garantisi süresi 3 yıl olup renk garantisi 1 yıldır.

It makes standing horses enjoyable and saves owners time and money.

KRAIBURG recommends use some small amount of straw as bedding on equestrian mattresses or the rubber mats in the looseboxes, because the bedding water retains the liquid. Helps ensure animal friendly barn management while reducing the amount of bedding it spreads and costs. First of all, it provides a 50% to 70% reduction in the amount of bedding to be used  . Thus, all costs, including animal excrement and barn cleaning, can be reduced by up to 50 percent. This reduces working hours and leaves more time for horse and horse riding

KRAIBURG rubber Horse bed and flooring flooring The non-slip surface encourages safe walking and is good for the hoof mechanism and horses take calmer and confident steps when walking. It protects the tendons and joints from overload with its soft and shock absorbing properties. KRAIBURG rubber floor creates a quieter and calm environment in the barn with sound insulation and  prevents unnecessary noise and stress.

 HAYVAN konforu ve verimliliği için en uygun çevre şartları şu şekilde sıralanır; Doğru Yem, Taze ve Temiz Su, Yumuşak Yataklar, Kuru ve Temiz Gezinti Alanları ile İyi Yönetimdir.