Calf Housing

CalfOTel Hybrid;

The latest innovation in calf housing Individual and group housing of calves in one system

For efficient, successful dairy farming, good calf rearing is increasingly important. In order to further optimize calf breeding, VDK Products has developed the ‘CalfOTel Hybrid’ – a unique new housing concept for calves, in which animals can be housed both individually and in small groups ‘outdoors.’ This allows calves to be kept in the same pen from day one to three months of age. The system was developed with labour, hygiene, and animal health in mind. The CalfOTel Hybrid.

CalfOTel Hybrid is specially designed to house animals outdoors. This provides a simple way to achieve a lower infection rate in and around the hutch, and the young animals enjoy all the benefits of the fresh air. The removable bulkheads make various configurations possible: 4×1, 2×2, 1×4, or (1×3 and 1×1). The CalfOTel Hybrid is made of fibreglass reinforced polyester, with a super-smooth inner coating. This makes the hutch easy to clean and disinfect. The movable flap on the front of the hutch provides a good view of the calves, and the farmer can stand upright inside the hutch. The shape of the hutch and the adjustable flap also ensure a good microclimate in all weather conditions.

Small groups in all-in, all-out system

The CalfOTel Hybrid is a good choice based on the results of previous research, by Veterinary Centre Someren and HAS University of Applied Sciences, on the importance of cleaning and disinfecting calf housing. In particular, the small, stable groups of up to 3-month-old calves in combination with an easily cleaned, all-in, all-out system have a positive effect on animal health. This serves as an important cornerstone for reduced losses and improved animal performance.

Our vision
CalfOTel maintains close, regular contact with livestock farmers, feed suppliers, researchers, and vets. We integrate our vision of calf rearing into our products. Researchers have identified three important aspects that ensure that calves are reared successfully: feed, housing, and management. Using the CalfOTel rearing systems, we develop the best calf housing with a focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour. You can learn more about this on our website

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