Elevated calf box / cages

Elevated calf box / cages

The proven performance of elevated calf cages provides ease of use for breeders and stocking in calf pences while the animals provide a healthy living space!

Your newborn calves will increase their resistance to start a healthy life; we need to provide a clean, germ-free, bactericidal environment in calf pences.

This “special-climate” environment allows the calves to feed more on concentrated food before it ultimately makes more profits.

It provides the most suitable environment for animals to stay separate to prevent infection.

FERMANET Elevated Calf Box/ Cages
  • Recommended for calves 0-10 weeks.
  • Durable maximum 90 kg live weight animals.
  • Increases animal comfort and wellbeing (welfare) conditions.
  • Protects animal interferences.
  • No sharp edges or pieces and connections that may cause cut or damaging.
  • Front door opens fully with hinge and lock pin. Which is suitable for the calf and nursing veterinary entrance and exit.
  • Any type of accessory can easily be mounted or hanged and suspended on the cage.
  • Wind breaker curtain protects animals from contamination, interaction, draught.
  • The calf cage is made up modular parts which is robust and durable.
  • it can be easily mounted and demounted, space saving storage of demounted boxes.
  • Transport of the box /cages with easily mounted caster wheels on the raised legs.
  • Mobile cages can be carried with or without animals on these caster wheels.

Frame Models

  • E model stainless Electrostaticpainted with clean smooth surface which may not allow bacteria to stay.
  • G model stainless HOT Galvanized by sink method or Non-Protected– painted models are available.
  • A model ALUMINUM frame cage, 2-5 modular cages group can be set easily.

Extras ve Accessories:

  • Caster wheels with breakers.
  • Side wall curtains made PVC with 4 lockers. Can be installed both sides and front of the fence. Can be roll up- when not needed.
  • Rubber Calf Mat 11 mm thickness KRAIBURG CaBoMat perforated 3 cm round holes, width: 90 cm x Length: 140 cm
  • Plastic feeder with cover model
  • Bucket 8 lt. with valve and teat.
  • Electrostatic paint is white and can be painted in special colors depends on request.
Rubber mat: 12 mm KRAIBURG CaBoMat
  • Has enough softness for calves that protects skin and joints.
  • Mat does not cause hurt or joint injuries.
  • On rubber mats may use reduced volume straw litters.
  • Top surface structure is slip resistant which is reducing slippage and falls where the bottom surface groove design.
  • The perforation integrated holes of the bed support the fluid flow and therefore keep the bed clean.
  • It is easy to clean and disinfect with detergent and pressurized water
  • Thanks to the slated fence underneath, the calf bed and floor remains always dry and clean.

Profile frames for cages:  Model E & G
yükseltilmiş buzağı kafesi

Aluminum frames for cages:

Model A

Both products are for new born calves up to 8 weeks.

And some researches showed that if the calf housing conditions are well maintained.

(Dry, Clean, Soft and protected from Draught and Hot) animal may survive even -30 /-34 C° with proper feeding.

All products specifications and usage instructions are subject to change without prior information.2018

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